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Avenues of Service

Our Major International project over the past couple of years centres around the Devastating tsunami of 26th December 2004

Sri Lanka Tsunami Relief “Donate a house”

Following the devastation on the 26th December and what followed the world wide generosity has been enormous. “Donate a house” project hopes to allow groups and individuals to play a part in the restoration of normality in the region of Galle by providing much needed housing for the victims of this tragedy (The donations will be tax deductible).
Aim: To provide low cost housing for victims of Tsunami in the Galle District. An extension of this project may be to provide in some way for orphans of the Tsunami in the same region,
Vision: To assist in the re-building of the Ambalangoda area of Sri Lanka so as to return social and economic well being to the local community consistent with local cultural and spiritual values.

Tsunami devastation

To provide social support programs to the families which aid in the relief of psychological distress resulting from the tsunami and the rebuilding of spiritual lives.
To provide social support programs to the families which enables adult members to return to employment.
To mobilise a fully equipped dental surgery to remote Sri Lanka as a volunteer Service.
The project is an initiative of the Rotary Club of Bendigo Sandhurst and we aim to facilitate the building of houses by individuals or groups of individuals. It is hoped that one or more houses can be built for people who may wish to donate and allow the donors to have some level of ownership in determining where their money goes. These donations will be tax deductible. The donor may if they wish have their name on a plaque on the wall of the house or such location on site. The project is to be independent of the government but with their knowledge. The costing will be around three thousand Australian dollars (depending on the exchange rate). Moneys for a house or smaller donations can be pledged in writing to the Sri Lanka Tsunami - "Donate a House" Dr A D Polonowita C/- The Rotary Club of Bendigo Sandhurst, PO Box 1122, Bendigo 3552

Thank you for your support.
Dr Ajith Polonowita
Past President
Rotary Club of Bendigo Sandhurst

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