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New Generations

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New Generations encompases a range of activities to support Youth with programs that challange and develop skills for life. These are just some of the youth programs that the Rotary Club of Bendigo Sandhusrt support each year.

Youth Exchange
One of Rotary International's most well-known programs - Rotary International Youth Exchange - is proudly supported by District 9800. The support and participation of thousands has brought the world closer and fostered greater cross-cultural understanding since 1927. Opportunities exist for students, host families and supporters to participate. Our Club is active in both Hosting incoming and outgoing students each year.

How Can A Kid From The Country Sail The Seas?
The Audi VictoriaWeekRotary Youth Program gives a specially selected group of teenagers nominated from country towns the opportunity to sail in the Australia Day Regatta, enabling them to develop a sense of teamwork, discipline, pride, achievement and personal growth. NB: want the actual program title in bold and colour so it is easily recognizable when it is not included in the title.

Recognise A Young Leader
The Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) program is a week-long residential personal development program for young people aged 18-25, which focuses on self-leadership and community. NB: want the actual program title in bold and colour so it is easily recognizable when it is not included in the title.

Model United Nations Assembly
How does the United Nations Assembly work? What are the key issues involved in creating world peace, preventing famines, eliminating third world debt, or ensuring each nation has a fair say on the world stage? The Model United Nations allows young people to understand through participative peer learning just how the world moves to better change for tomorrow. See how you can contribute to world understanding.

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment (RYPEN)
In today’s competitive world, there are not always opportunities for the average student to step outside their comfort zone, explore their ideas to develop the ‘life skills’ that translate to confidence in everyday life. R.Y.P.E.N. provides this opportunity for young people aged 14 to 16 years.

Get A Student Into Science
Scientists are responsible for most of the new technology we see around us today - whether in transport, energy supply, or even in information technology. Young science students are our prospective physicists, lab technicians, medical researchers, radiographers, psychologists, zoologists and discoverers of cures for cancer - they need your encouragement and support to make this a better place. The National Youth Science Forum is offered to current Year 11 students intending to pursue a career in science, engineering or medicine; forums take place in the January before Year 12. The Science Experience is open to ALL Year 9 students with an interest in science.

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